Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Affiliate Spotlight: The Dorient

Lamiya, the gorgeous guru known as TheDorient on YouTube, is an expert when it comes to beauty. Her makeup tutorials and fashion videos have inspired her fans across Germany. We recently got the chance to speak with Lamiya about her YouTube channel and beauty inspiration. Read on to learn more!
Sigma Beauty: What inspired you to create a YouTube beauty channel?
Lamiya: It gives you the opportunity to be creative and share what you love to do on the most amazing platform. And you find so many lovely people who share the same interest. I've always been into beauty, so I turned on my camera and started filming. The rest is history :-)

Sigma Beauty: What is the most rewarding part of being a YouTube guru?
Lamiya: Having this great audience that inspires me, and helping women to bring out the best in them, especially their inner beauty, strength and creativity. I want them to learn what matters the most, meaning their inner beauty, and learn how to enhance it by using the beautiful world of make up and fashion.

Sigma Beauty: Who is your beauty icon/inspiration?
Lamiya: Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor. These women have inspired so many generations and are the most beautiful icons.

Sigma Beauty: What are your favorite Sigma products?
Lamiya: There are so many to name! I love the Extravaganza Brush Collection, it's so unique and the quality is the best. I also love the Synthetic Kabuki Set, they are easy to use and blend very well, giving you that airbrushed look. Also, the Make Me Travel Kits are portable and have all the brushes you need when you travel a lot, like me. And last but not least, the eye shadow palettes (Bare, Dare and Flare).

Sigma Beauty: What beauty trend do you love right now?
Lamiya: I am so into pastel colors, nude, cream, and also color pop/blocking. Wedges are so comfortable but still feminine. And I love platforms, the higher the better. This year’s trends are my FAVORITE.

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  1. She's so pretty, I follow her for almost a year :)

  2. She´s beautiful. I like her very much.
    Her Make Up Style for example is very good and her Youtube Videos, too! :)

    :) I like her.

  3. Love her so much she´s gorgeous!!

  4. I follow her too.

    She´s very beautiful and her Youtube Videos, too!
    Nothing can do it better.


  5. I love her looks and she has a beautiful voice too, her Brother Sammy also has a youtube channel =)


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