Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Sigma Beauty Classy Affiliate Award!

It’s time to announce April’s Sigma Beauty Classy Affiliate winner! This blogger uses great affiliate techniques and always remains classy and tactful. We would like to introduce you to Lais from Glamouragem (! Learn about her classy affiliate techniques below!

Affiliate Banner Selection and Placement

Lais has done a great job of using her affiliate banner to her full advantage. By placing the banner at the top of her blog, she has increased her chances of generating a sale. She chose a bright colored banner that stands out against the simple white background of her blog. By doing this, she has made her affiliate banner the focal point when you visit her blog.

Mother’s Day Post and Link Sharing

Lais also showed that she has stayed up to date with her knowledge of Sigma Beauty and the Affiliate Program. We designed three categories of Mother’s Day gift ideas, and Lais shared the information with her readers. As you can see below, she described each of the categories and used her affiliate link to lead the reader to the respective product categories on the website.

We love Lais’ classy affiliate techniques and we are excited to announce her as April’s Sigma Beauty Classy Affiliate!

Thank you all for your applications, and keep up the great work! If you would like to apply to be May’s Classy Affiliate, you can fill out an application here!

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February's Sigma Beauty Classy Affiliate Award

As mentioned in our How to be a Classy and Respectful Affiliate blog post, we will be choosing a ‘Classy Sigma Beauty Affiliate’ each month. This affiliate will exemplify the polite techniques that generate sales while remaining tactful. We would like to introduce you to our first winner…Justine (! Why was Justine chosen? Read her classy techniques below!

Banner Placement and Promotion

Justine has placed her Sigma Beauty banner at the top of her blog page, making it immediately visible when you visit her site. By sharing the $10 off promotion and using the new promotional banner, she has created interest in her banner and increased her chances of gaining a sale without overwhelming the visitor.

Review and Affiliate Link

Another technique that Justine exhibited was the ability to passively share her affiliate link while reviewing a product. As you can see in the review below, Justine hyperlinked the words in pink to the Sigma Beauty website and added her click number ( Again, moderation is important and Justine was able to create interest in the product without spamming her readers.

Overall, we loved Justine’s honest and genuine reviews on her blog. She displayed tactful affiliate techniques without being too pushy, and we’re proud to announce her as February’s ‘Classy Sigma Beauty Affiliate’!

Are you using classy affiliate techniques on your blog or YouTube channel? Apply for the Classy Affiliate Award today!

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