Friday, June 24, 2011

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Launch!

We are back with another exciting product launch! Introducing the new Sigma Beauty makeup line: the DARE, BARE and FLARE eye shadow palettes! You will now have every color you need to go from day to night, from neutral to bright, and from casual to formal in just a few minutes! Each eye shadow palette comes with a different dual-ended brush featuring Sigma Beauty’s all time best-selling brushes.

In honor of the eye shadow palette release, we’ve created new affiliate banners! Just copy your favorite banner below, paste it on your blog, and add your affiliate link!


The release of the eye shadow palettes can be used to boost your affiliate sales. Create excitement by sharing pictures and information about the palettes with your readers. Each palette contains 8 eye shadow colors and a carefully selected dual-ended brush. With the variety of colors, you can create countless makeup looks. And at only $35 a palette, it’s a great value!

Utilize this product release to your advantage and market the new products to your clients!

For more information about the DARE, BARE and FLARE palettes, click here!

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