Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions!

In a world where the answer to virtually any question can be found online, we wanted to clear up some confusion and set the record straight! We’ve noticed a few questions that keep popping up, so we thought it would be helpful to make a blog post with our FAQs! 

1. I’ve set up my affiliate account, where do I put my PayPal address?
Once you have signed up as an affiliate, please email and let them know the email address associated with your PayPal account. They will update your Sigma Beauty account so your commissions will be sent to your PayPal account.

2. Can I receive gift certificates instead of PayPal payments for my commission?
Yes, if you cannot create a PayPal account or would rather receive your commission in the form of Sigma Beauty gift certificates, you can email and let them know. They will update your account to reflect this change.

3. Do I have to provide my SSN?
You will have to provide your Social Security Number if you are a US citizen. Since you will be earning an income through the Affiliate Program, this amount will need to be reported for tax purposes. Our website,, has been validated to receive a secure SSL certificate which proves industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website.

4. Do I receive a discount since I am an affiliate?
At this time we do not offer any special discounts or codes to be used exclusively by affiliates.

5. Do I earn commission when I use my own link to make a purchase?
You will not earn commission when you make a purchase using your own affiliate link. However, you will earn 10% commission on purchases made by first time customers who use your affiliate link.

6. How do I find my affiliate link?
Log into your Sigma Beauty account, and click the ‘Visit My Affiliate Page’ near the bottom of the page. You will find your affiliate link under the ‘Helpful Reminders’ section. 

We hope this helps! We’re always here if you have any other questions!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UPDATED BANNERS! Celebrating Worldwide Beauty!

Sigma Beauty has always been an internationally recognized brand. We have proudly shipped our products to over 100 countries, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to reach so many diverse cultures. Our motto has always been, “Keeping the World Beautiful”, and to represent our global following, we have created these new affiliate banners! Just copy your favorite banner below, paste it on your blog, and add your affiliate link!

We hope Sigma has brought beauty to you, both inside and out! Let us know how beauty is expressed and celebrated in your country!

© 2011 Sigma Enterprises, LLC 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sigma Beauty Glam Squad!

The Sigma Beauty team recently attended the UPA Americup Cheer & Dance Event and had a blast! We were able to display a variety of products and meet with cheerleaders and dance teams of all ages. We realized that this group of girls really embodies many characteristics that Sigma Beauty strives to represent: enthusiasm, team work, spirit, confidence and personality! So, we decided to launch new Sigma Beauty Affiliate banners in honor of this community! Just copy your favorite banner below, paste it on your blog, and add your affiliate link!

Makeup is an important aspect of cheerleading and dance, and Sigma Beauty offers a variety of products that are ideal for this group of athletes. Our Travel Kits, Dazzle Heart Mirrors and Retractable Kabukis are perfect for touching up your makeup on the go and at competitions. Also, the Maxbag is a great way to carry your makeup and accessories in style.

We encourage all the cheerleading and dance bloggers out there to take advantage of the Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program! Discuss Sigma Beauty products with your readers, teammates and friends! Be creative, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Check out our video from the UPA Americup Event!

Do you have a cheer or dance blog? Share it with us!

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