Thursday, March 29, 2012

New FREE Gift with Purchases Over $30!

For the month of April, we are offering a new free gift with all purchases over $30! The pink travel-sized E05 eyeliner brush delivers a precise stroke to line the eyes.

We created new affiliate banners for this exciting promotion! To use one of the banners, save the image to your computer, upload it to your blog as a picture and insert your affiliate link as the URL.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using Pinterest to Increase Affiliate Sales

Pinterest, an online pinboard used to organize and share images, is exploding on the social networking scene. The website had over 11.7 million unique visitors in January and is on its way to becoming the next big thing. So, why should you join Pinterest? It’s a great way expand your social networking presence and drive traffic to your website. More traffic means an increased opportunity to generate affiliate sales!

User Demographic

Pinterest users are the perfect target audience for beauty blogs and beauty products! Not only are approximately 80% of the users female, 75% are between the ages of 18 - 45. Plus, there is an entire category dedicated to hair and beauty. You couldn’t ask for a better group to share your blog with!

Referral Traffic

According to a recent study, Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined! The best way to generate traffic to your website is to post images from your blog or YouTube channel and include the link to your website. The more interesting the image, the more likely it is someone will pin it to their board. All of their followers will see their new pin and your website link! This allows your site to be exposed and introduced to a whole new audience.

Pin Sigma Beauty Products

You can also pin your favorite Sigma Beauty products and include your affiliate link in the photo description! Here are step by step directions to update your Pinterest page with Sigma Beauty products:

1) Visit the Sigma Beauty website and save the images you wish to upload to your computer
2) Log into your Pinterest account and click the “Add +” button on the top right side of the screen
3) Choose the “Upload a Pin” option
4) Select the Sigma Beauty image you want to upload
5) Write a description/comment about the product and add the product URL. Don’t forget to add ?Click=XXXX with your affiliate identifier at the end of each URL you use!

6) Here is what your final pin, containing your affiliate link, will look like!

 7) You can also create a pinboard of your favorite Sigma Beauty products!

Ready to get started? Join here! You can also visit the Sigma Beauty Pinterest page for some inspiration!

Do you currently use Pinterest to increase your website traffic? Comment below!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calculating Your Affiliate Conversion Rate

Today we are going to teach you how to calculate your conversion rate and use this information to increase your affiliate sales. Your conversion rate is the number of sales you generate divided by your number of clicks. Below is the calculation and an example:


Let’s say in February you had 1 sale and 100 clicks. Your conversion rate would be:

1 SALE / 100 CLICKS = .01 x 100 = 1%

While there is no “standard” conversion rate, tracking your rate month to month is a great way to test your affiliate strategies. If you notice your conversion rate is decreasing, or you consistently have a low conversion rate, there are some potential problems you can address.

Low Website Traffic

Having low website traffic can make completing a sale difficult. However, there are many ways you can increase your site traffic. Guest posting, blog commenting and promoting your new posts/videos on all of your social networking sites can help your traffic levels. It’s extremely important to spend time building the content of your site before focusing on making a sale. Having a steady stream of visitors will be beneficial to you as an affiliate. Repeat visitors are more likely to purchase!

Low Click Number

If you are not receiving many clicks, you should analyze the placement of your affiliate link. In your YouTube videos, make sure your affiliate link is on the top line of your video info box. Displaying your affiliate banner at the top of your blog, making it immediately visible, will increase your chance of getting a click. Within blog posts, the best location for your link is embedded in the text or below the post (but above the comments).

Another solution is to look at the specific products you are promoting. Every audience is different! Do you have a large vegan and animal friendly following? Try promoting our synthetic kits. Is the majority of your audience in school/college? Try sharing sale information and less expensive kits. Your followers won’t click your link unless they are genuinely interested in the product you are marketing!

Low Sales Number

If you are receiving clicks but having trouble making a sale, examine how you are presenting the product. Personal recommendations based on firsthand knowledge and reviews are the most effective strategies. Make sure your potential clients know how to use our website and be willing to help them if they have any questions (especially important for international affiliates)!

Remember, there is no standard or average conversion rate. We are suggesting that you look at your personal conversion rate from month to month and determine what strategies work for you!

Do you have questions about how to calculate your conversion rate? Contact for help!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

NEW Performance Eyes Kit!

We are extremely excited to introduce another unique Sigma Beauty kit! The Performance Eyes Kit was designed for precise application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined areas of the eyes.

The kit features 8 brand new brushes: E11 Eye Liner, E16 Tightline Liner, E17 Waterline Liner, E21 Smudge Brush, E36 Blending, E46 Shader – Inner Corner, E47 Shader – Crease and E56 Shader – Lid. The Performance Eyes Kit has been thoroughly tested to ensure quality brushes that are functional and easy to use. Each brush is an original design and available exclusively at Sigma Beauty! 

Share this information with your followers within the first week of the launch to boost your sales! Updating your blog with one of these new banners is a great way to introduce your followers to the new kit. Simply save the image to your computer, upload it as a picture to your blog, and insert your affiliate link as the website!

The Performance Kit is a great addition to any makeup collection. Useful for beginners and professionals alike, the kit is perfect for creating elaborate makeup looks. Unleash your creativity!

For more information about the Performance Eyes Kit, click here!

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