Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Performance Kit Sneak Peek!

Today we are sharing an exclusive affiliate sneak peek of an upcoming product! On March 5th we will be launching the Performance Eyes Kit, a kit unlike any other on the market. The Performance Eyes Kit was designed for precise application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined areas of the eyes. 

The kit features 8 brand new eye brushes (listed left to right):

E11 Eye Liner
E16 Tightline Liner
E17 Waterline Liner
E21 Smudge Brush
E36 Blending
E46 Shader – Inner Corner
E56 Shader – Lid
E47 Shader – Crease

The brushes are perfect for detailed and defined makeup application. Essential to creating elaborate looks, the Performance Eyes Kit is a must for advanced makeup artistry!

Come back and visit the blog on March 5th for more information, pictures and new affiliate banners!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Updated Premium Kit!

Part of being a successful affiliate is staying informed about Sigma Beauty product updates. When we launched the Extravaganza Face Kit and Extravaganza Complete Kit in December, we had a lot of feedback about featuring other kits in the deluxe carrying case. You asked for it, and we listened! Our best-selling Premium Kit now comes in a stylish case. All 15 brushes have a slot within the case, making access to individual brushes super convenient.

Be an active affiliate and let your followers know about this exciting upgrade! 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW Product! Sigma Beauty Spa Solutions!

The Sigma Beauty Spa Solutions Kit contains three unique attachments for the Cleansing and Polishing Tool. The attachments were specifically designed to create the ultimate spa experience!

·         The extra-soft brush is a silicone attachment that is perfect for gentle cleansing for extra-sensitive skin.
·         The unique silicone massager attachment maximizes absorption of skin care products and stimulates skin circulation.
·         The exfoliator attachment is a pumice stone, best for removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy looking skin. NOTE: This attachment is not intended for the face.

We created new affiliate banners to celebrate the release of the Spa Solutions Kit! To use one of the banners, save the image to your computer, upload it as an image to your blog, and add your affiliate link as the URL.

Sharing new product information the FIRST week of the release is the best strategy to increase your affiliate sales. Update your blog with a new banner and share the ultimate spa experience with your followers!

For more information about the Spa Solutions Kit, click here!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Using Sigma's Unique Products to Your Advantage

In today’s beauty market there are endless of options for brushes and cosmetics. Luckily, Sigma Beauty’s high quality and unique products give you an advantage as an affiliate. Today we are sharing how to use our one of a kind products to generate affiliate sales!

Dry’n Shape

The Dry’n Shape is Sigma Beauty’s revolutionary drying system. It is designed to dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed. The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes. Not only is there nothing like the Dry’n Shape on the market, it truly works! Share this unique product with your followers!

Cleansing and Polishing Tool

With the Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool you can polish your skin to be perfectly smooth and flawless before and after your makeup application. It is ideal for facial polishing, cleansing and body exfoliation. There are two major advantages to purchasing the Cleansing and Polishing Tool over the competition: the rotating brush heads and price. For only $39 you receive the tool, three removable brush heads and a storage case. That is about a FOURTH of the cost for similar products on the market! This makes the Cleansing and Polishing Tool stand out and easy to market!

Sigmax Collection

The Sigmax Collection features our exclusive Sigmax synthetic filament, which was created to perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin without absorption into the bristles. The Sigmax brushes were the first of their kind on the market and were released to rave reviews. While others may try to duplicate this design, you can promote the Sigmax brushes as the original!
What Sigma Beauty products are you currently marketing and why? Comment below!

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