Thursday, April 19, 2012

Affiliate Spotlight: Bebexo

We are very excited to bring you this interview with Nee, known as Bebexo on YouTube. With over 340,000 subscribers, Bebexo is one of the leading ladies when it comes to hair and beauty advice. Check out her interview below!
Sigma Beauty: Have you always been interested in hair and beauty?
Nee: Always! I've been braiding hair since I was five years old. As for makeup, I started wearing it on my seventeenth birthday. At the time, my makeup only consisted of a pencil eyeliner which I would use to fill in my brows and line my eyes and a Bonne Bell clear lip gloss. Good times!

Sigma Beauty: What is the best beauty advice you have ever received?
Nee: Drink lots of water, always get enough sleep and try to take everything in stride and with a light heart. This will have a positive effect on your body and will show on your skin and overall health. Take it from me, I never get sick! *knocks on wood*
Sigma Beauty: You create gorgeous hair styles on your YouTube channel. Are you self taught?
Nee: You could say I was. My mother would always do our hair for school. I have two sisters so I would always watch my mother do their hair first and that's how I learned to Dutch and French braid. Once you know the basics, you can do all kinds of fancy things with your hair!

Sigma Beauty: What are your favorite Sigma Beauty products?
Nee: My favorite Sigma Beauty products have got to be the Bunny Collection brush kit as well as the Sigmax Synthetic Essential Kit. I love the soft synthetic filament in these collections!

Sigma Beauty: What do you think is the real secret to feeling beautiful?
Nee: For me, it's surrounding yourself with people you love. My friends and family always make me feel truly beautiful inside and out.  And, of course, a little extra beauty sleep on the side doesn't hurt either! :) 

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  1. Very beautiful look, thanks for sharing

  2. I'm subscribed to her too!!! She's amazing! If anyone is interested in a giveaway plz check my giveaway here:
    Lets Create a giveaway

  3. She's so inspirational and so sweet!

  4. she is really helpful with all those tips...hope she can have more competitions .......coz i really would love to enter and win....coz i really need some make up stuff as a girl...

  5. really love her and all the tip she gives.....hope she can have more competitions, i really want to try and win something.....because in my hole life never had any makeup stuff.....even though i am a girl

  6. she's to cute and i love her personality thanks for sharing, i hope all your 340,000 have the time to read this :)

  7. i love her so much! =)
    i am her loyal subscriber!

  8. She is my favourite hair style guru on Youtube. Great interview!

  9. Shes the reason ive gotten so many compliments on my hair and makeup.<3

  10. she inspired me to grow my hair long. i never wanted long/medium hair until i saw how beautiful her hair is!!! and the amazing hairstyles she does!!! shes truly a jewel. i miss watching her videos cuz my youtube got blocked :(

  11. She is awesome!I love her and her tutorials. But I wonder what she does to her hair to keep it smooth and shiny....


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