Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Best Affiliates Tips of 2012!

We hope you have had the opportunity to visit our blog and experience all that it has to offer this year. This will be a review for those of you who have been following the blog closely, and a recap for new affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a fairly new industry and we strive to educate our affiliates in the best ways to utilize their affiliate status. Please keep reading for the best affiliate tips of 2012!

Affiliate Account

The first step in joining the Sigma Affiliate Program is the application! Make sure to read this post if you are thinking of applying to the affiliate program. Contrary to popular belief, not all applicants are automatically accepted into the affiliate program. We look over every application to decide who is a good fit for the Sigma Affiliate Program. Read The Importance of Your Affiliate Application here.

Your conversion rate is the number of sales you generate divided by your number of clicks. Read How to Calculate your Conversion Rate here.

Affiliates receive their commission payments at the beginning of every month. In order to receive your commission on time, it is important to make sure we have all of your essential information. Read All About Payments here.

There is a lot of terminology we use on the affiliate blog. Make sure you know the meaning to everything by reading Affiliate Terms to Know here.


Pinterest is one of the newest and most popular social media sites on the internet. You can use Pinterest to your advantage by using the techniques provided. Read Using Pinterest to Increase Sales here.

A deep-link is a hyperlink that leads to a specific page on a website (other than the home page). This is an extremely important tool to use when dealing with your affiliate link. Read How to Deep-Link here.

YouTube is a popular option among our affiliates to promote their affiliation. There are many different ways to utilize YouTube and this post explains them all. Read Affiliate Marketing: YouTube Strategies here.

Another popular way to promote the Sigma Affiliate Program is through a blog. Just like YouTube, you can promote your affiliation many different ways. Read Affiliate Marketing: Blog Strategies here.

The monthly discount code is very helpful in securing sales. If you provide the discount code to your followers, they are more likely to purchase rather than waiting and searching for a coupon code through another site. Read Using Coupon Codes to Your Advantage here.

Affiliate Marketing

Not sure what affiliate marketing is? Read Introduction to Affiliate Marketing here and Essentials of Marketing here for even more information!

There are many misconceptions when it comes to affiliate marketing. We created this blog post to clear some of those up. Read Incorrect Affiliate Assumptions here.
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