Monday, January 7, 2013

Affiliate Banners in German

Germany, the second most populated country in Europe, is a great place to live as an affiliate due to the large percentage of internet users and online shoppers. Additionally, there are more social networking users in Germany than any other country in Western Europe. Another favorable statistic for affiliates: 90% of internet users in Germany will shop online, and a little less than 80% of those shoppers will make a purchase!

We would like to help our German speaking affiliates by providing them with new affiliate banners! Get your banners below!

To upload the banners, follow these steps:
1) Right click on the banner you want to use
2) Select ‘Save Image As’ and save the banner to your computer
3) Upload the saved image to your blog as a picture
4) Insert your affiliate link as the URL

Our Global Focus initiative has led us to release affiliate banners in Portuguese, Russian, Thai and German.

Comment below: Which language would you like to see next?

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  1. yay finally in german!! i have a lot of turkish readers, maybe turkish would be nice as the next language :)

  2. Finally german banners thank you for this great idea :)


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