Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing Product Reviews to Increase Sales

There are many ways to promote your Sigma affiliation, but one of the most effective ways to do this is through a review. While we are unable to provide complimentary products to all of our affiliates, that does not mean you are restricted from making a purchase on your own to review. Individual brushes can be purchased for $10-20 USD. It’s most economical to purchase brushes in kits, but we realize not everyone can afford to purchase a whole kit.

If you are serious about strengthening your affiliation with Sigma and increasing earning potential, purchasing a brush to review would greatly increase your chances of securing a sale. Followers will be more apt to listen to a first-hand review written in your own words, rather than a generic picture and website description. 

Importance of Product Reviews
  • 78% of Americans said online reviews help them decide whether or not to purchase a product

Keys to a Successful Review
  • Picture of Product – A visual representation of the product you are reviewing is extremely important, as it lets your readers/viewers see the product firsthand rather than just reading a description. Using photos you have taken yourself is best, but website images can be used if needed (just make sure to credit
  • Product Description – Your readers/viewers are going to want to know the full details. Make sure to include product features, specific uses, benefits, and price. Almost all of this information can be found under the description section of the product page. 
  • Pros and Cons – This is where your individuality comes in. People are looking to you for your honest opinion. Some key points to discuss: 
     o   Share the expected results versus your results 
     o   Experiment and share different ways to use the product
     o   Be honest and express any cons
  • Link to website – Pending the review is a good one (and we hope it is!), give your readers a call to action by providing them with the links to purchase for themselves, or simply peruse the Sigma website. Make sure to deep link to the specific product and always use your affiliate link. Go even further by including discount codes or sale information.
We hope this information provides some insight on the world of product reviews! Remember, purchasing product is not mandatory, but it will greatly increase your chances of securing a sale when packaged with an honest review.

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  1. O yes, this post indeed is a great help. You can be sure that I will be implementing it very soon.

  2. Love the pointers! Thanks for all the tips/ tricks!

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips! It's really useful for a beginner like me! =)


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