Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Importance of Your Affiliate Application

Every application to the Sigma Affiliate Program is carefully reviewed before approval. That being said, it’s very important that your application is filled out completely and accurately. Today we’re going to look at the components of the application and share the dos and don’ts of the application process!

Customer Information

Before filling out your application, you will need to create a Sigma account. When doing so, make sure to fill out your full name and shipping address. We will not accept an application into the Affiliate Program if it is missing a name or address. This is a basic step that shouldn’t be ignored!


Only US citizens and permanent residents need to enter their Tax ID or Social Security Number (this information is needed for tax purposes). If you are an international affiliate without a Tax ID/SSN, you can enter any series of numbers in this field (123 will work)!


This is by far the most important information on your application. If your application is accepted, we are creating a partnership and trusting you to promote Sigma on your website. Once you become a Sigma affiliate you are representing our brand and we hold you to high standards. Here are some common problems with websites that can cause your application to be denied:

·         Invalid URL – If we are not able to access the website you provided, your application cannot be approved.
·         Private/Personal social networking sites – At this time we do not accept private social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook), as we are not able to view how you are using your affiliate link.
·         Irrelevant websites –  If the website you plan to use for your affiliation is irrelevant to the cosmetic industry, you must provide us with a marketing strategy and how you plan to utilize your site.
·         General social networking sites – Make sure to be specific! Listing or will not get your application approved.
·         No website listed – Any application that is missing a website will not be approved.

Using “Sigma” on Your Application

As the Sigma Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions state, “Sigma” cannot be used as part of an affiliate’s website domain name, email account, blog, YouTube channel or any URL associated with an affiliate account. We will not accept applications that violate our Terms and Conditions.

We hope you have found this helpful! Remember, correctly filling out your application is the first step to becoming an affiliate. If you have any questions regarding your application, feel free to contact

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  1. Though I'm already an affiliate I still think this post is very helpful!


    1. We're glad you found it helpful! Thank you for reading!

  2. thanks alot sigma for your care its really helpful and i want to know that is this open to PAKISTAN i want to be a part of my most loved brand:)

    1. Of course! We have affiliates from all over the world! You are welcome to fill out an application, please contact with any questions you may have!

  3. Where to sign-up? :) I'm from the Philippines and interested.

    1. You can submit your application here: Please let us know if you have any questions!


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