Monday, August 6, 2012

Using Coupon Codes to Your Advantage

Did you know we offer an exclusive discount code to our affiliates every month? Using these discount codes to your advantage is a great way to promote Sigma and increase commissions every month. It’s just one of the many tools we like to offer our affiliates to achieve higher success rates. According to an article by Debra Miller Arbesman on the blog, the following was shown:

·         Coupon codes can make or break a sale
·         Consumers who use a coupon spend more
·         Coupons can increase customer satisfaction
·         Coupons can increase customer loyalty

For further detail and information, please visit the full article here. It offers great insight on the impact of coupons and online sales. 

You can find our monthly discount code by visiting the Affiliate Blog. The new codes are announced at the end of every month, and can be easily found using the search feature on our blog. Along with the blog post announcing the code, you will also find new banners which you can use on your own blog or other social media site. Please use the following steps to place a banner on your blog:

1) Simply save the banner image to your computer:

2) Upload the saved image to your blog as a picture 

3) Insert your affiliate link as the URL. 

For sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, which don’t allow you to place a banner, simply include the code with your affiliate link and explain the discount to your viewers.

Tips for Using Coupon Codes

·         Update your social media site with the new code and banner every month.
·         Encourage using the code to your viewers who are hesitant to purchase because of price.
·         Include your affiliate link with the discount code.
·         Use clear and concise language with the code details.
·         Check out our terms and conditions and refer to #9 which lays out our coupon code policy.
·         Don’t advertise expired codes.

Sharing the coupon code can dramatically increase your sales and viewer’s interest in Sigma. Please take these tips into consideration when planning your upcoming blog posts and videos!

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  1. I want to be a part of Beauty Affiliate Program, waht i have to do?
    Thank you

    1. You can apply to be a Sigma Affiliate here: Please contact with any additional questions!

  2. Great info. I'll definitely talk about the coupon in my next Sigma-related video to encourage others to finally give Sigma a try (if they haven't already). Thank you!

  3. oi!
    eu gostaria de ser filiada e colocar esses descontos no meu blog! como faço?


    1. You can apply to be an affiliate here: Please contact with any additional questions!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Compete article. It was really insightful!

  5. Great placement and nice attitude i am really so inspired here keep continue sharing.

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  6. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.


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