Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brush-Up on Your Sigma Knowledge!

As a Sigma Affiliate, it's important to stay informed about all things Sigma. We provide you with a wealth of information to keep your followers updated through all of your social media sites. Keep reading to make sure you're taking advantage of all Sigma has to offer!

Website: Our website has a multitude of images and information to satisfy your needs. Organized by categories, the website is easy to navigate. Whether you are searching for a specific product or area of interest such as travel essentials, you should be able to find it with ease.  Affiliates should take advantage of our product images if they are not able to provide their own. The website also includes detailed product descriptions you can use for your own marketing purposes.  

Sigma Newsletters: If you have not already signed up for the email list to receive the Sigma newsletter, make sure to sign up here. The newsletter includes information such as: new product updates, exclusive deals, makeup tutorials, and inside information to special events. The newsletter is sent out a couple times a week so keep an eye on your inbox for new information! 

Sigma Blog: If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the Sigma blog! You can find a multitude of makeup looks to reproduce on your own blog or YouTube channel. Our tutorials offer great recommendations on which products to use and how to properly apply makeup using certain brushes. The blog also features trends to try which you can use and put your own spin on! 

Sigma Twitter: The official Sigma Twitter account (@SigmaBeauty) is your source for the most up-to-date information available regarding Sigma. 

Affiliate Newsletters: The affiliate newsletter is sent to affiliates on a regular basis and includes information regarding new product launches, discount codes, special promotions, and other important news regarding the affiliate program. What makes this newsletter different from the Sigma newsletter is that we cater the information to our affiliates and provide you with the most important information available to increase sales. It is important to share this knowledge! It is your job as an affiliate to educate your followers on the latest Sigma news!

Affiliate Blog: The affiliate blog includes all the information we send in the affiliate newsletters and much more. It is here that you can find an abundance of information including banners for your social media sites, affiliate marketing strategies and tools, and exclusive affiliate giveaways.  

Affiliate Twitter: Follow the Sigma Affiliate Twitter (@Sigma_Affiliate) for daily tips, strategies, and affiliate inspiration!

We want to hear from you! Which social media platforms do you find helpful as an affiliate? 

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  1. i think the website itself. As it is the bases or the origin of all the spread information from SIGMA


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