Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sigma Affiliate Terms & Conditions

A 2009 poll revealed that only 38% of affiliates pay attention to the Terms and Conditions while applying to an affiliate program. In case you are a part of the 62% of affiliates who did not fully read our Terms and Conditions, we are going to highlight the need-to-know information:

1. We will evaluate each application and you will be notified of your acceptance or rejection into the program. We may reject your application if we determine that your website is unsuitable for any reason.

2. Affiliation can be immediately revoked without warning for the following reasons regarding inappropriate/unsuitable content:
  • False advertisements
  • Spamming using your affiliate link
  • Using copyrighted materials
  • Harassment or intimidation of others on your website
  • Content deemed to be graphic or explicit
3. You may not use your own affiliate link to make purchases. You may not knowingly allow others to repeatedly use your affiliate link to earn commission.

4. "Sigma" cannot be used as part of an affiliate's website domain name, blog, Facebook account, YouTube channel, Twitter username, or any URL associated with the affiliate account.

5. Affiliation can be cancelled with no warning in cases of of suspected fraudulent activity. If your affiliation is revoked, you cannot rejoin the program in the future. 

6. We strongly encourage our affiliates to adhere to the Federal Trade Commissions rules regarding affiliate disclosures. Learn how to create your disclosure here

7. Paid Search Policy: Affiliates may not use any of the Sigma domains and/or URLs as the display domain or URL in the advertisement.

8. Coupon Code Policy: Publishers of the coupon code must not use "bait and switch" language, misrepresentations, or false advertisements when promoting offers.

We ask that all of our affiliates take the time to read the full Sigma Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions (we promise they aren't too long!). Please contact with any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions or the Sigma Affiliate Program in general! 

© 2012 Sigma Enterprises, LLC


  1. is using sigma product image is wrong? :/

    1. No! You can use any images from our website or that we provide to you on the blog! :)

    2. glad to hear that! because i use some in my blog post talking about a must have sigma brushes! thanks! :)

  2. i want to join affliate program..what to do?

    1. Hi! You can submit your application to the Affiliate Program here:

  3. Hello,
    I have a question. I tried to join your affiliate program but while applying, I get to fill in the ID#/SSN section. What is that? Can you please explain? I have no idea what info to fill in there. Help :/

    1. Hi Selma! The Tax ID is only needed for US citizens/permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen, you can fill in any number in that section (123 will work).


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