Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Marketing

Last week we shared some YouTube strategies with you and tips to increase sales. Today we want to share some strategies for all the bloggers out there! There are many different blog platforms so we won’t talk about one in specific, but these ideas will be helpful no matter what platform you are using.


Make sure a Sigma banner is visible and includes your affiliate link. Always keep your banner as up to date as possible. You can find new banners for all our product launches, discount codes, and promotions on the blog.

A cluttered blog is very hard to navigate and turns many potential readers away. If possible, try to delete any old banners or advertisements you no longer use or are not relevant to your demographic. If you have a beauty blog, keep most of your banners only related to beauty items. Your readers are visiting your page for beauty advice and that is what they are the most interested in. 

Our discount code banner is an important one to advertise. Not only will it catch your reader’s attention, but you are also more likely to secure a sale if you offer the discount code. You can read about the importance of discount codes and coupon marketing here.

Placement of banners is also very important. If your affiliate banner is buried between other banners and advertisements, it will have less of a chance of being noticed by your readers. If you would like your readers to see your Sigma banner, try to place it towards the top of the page so it is noticed first.


Images are very important for a blog. Readers like to see visual representations of what you are writing about. If you are writing a product review, make sure to include photos of the product along with the post. If you do not have your own photos, you can always use images from the Sigma website or the Sigma Affiliate blog. Images will gain your readers attention and could help your blog show up in search engines when using the image search option.


 Sharing knowledge is another significant strategy. This could mean anything from informing readers of an upcoming product launch to offering your opinion on a particular product.

Keeping your readers up to date on the latest products can create a buzz within your blog community. We try to inform our affiliates about upcoming product releases before the public. This gives you an advantage in getting the knowledge out to your readers before they find out from anyone else.


Text-links are incredibly important within your blog. Text-links have a much higher click-through rate than banner ads. Not to say banners are becoming obsolete, but you are much more likely to get a click when your affiliate link is placed within a post. Creating a blog and only placing banners will almost guarantee little to no sales for you. Creating a blog, building your content and sharing important information is a sure way to increase reader loyalty and build sales.

Always include a link when mentioning Sigma within a post! The first time you mention Sigma in a blog post, make sure to include your affiliate link to the Sigma homepage. Unless you prefer, you do not need to keep linking Sigma throughout the post. Also, make sure to include links at the end of your post for readers.

Utilize deep-linking whenever possible! A deep-link is a hyperlink, which brings readers to a specific page other than the home page. For example, if you are talking about the F80 in a post, you can include your affiliate link and direct readers to the F80 page by deep-linking.  Anytime you mention certain products, make sure to deep-link to the products! Please refer to this previous blog post for more in-depth information on how to deep-link.

Go back to old posts and add links. If you have old posts about Sigma that don’t include affiliate links, you can always go back and add those links! Your old reviews can still come up in searches, especially if someone is looking for a particular product review!

On a final note, always include a disclosure policy if you are using affiliate links. Check out this blog post on the details and why it is important: Affiliate Disclosure Policy.

We hope these tips were helpful for all you beauty bloggers out there! Please email with any specific Affiliate Program questions.  Comment below if you have any additional tips to share!

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