Monday, October 15, 2012

Sigma's Rising Star: October

This month’s Rising Star is an aspiring actress from the United States! She began uploading YouTube videos less than a year ago and has quickly gained a loyal fan base.  This beauty offers tutorials, hauls, and vlogs, which possess a natural poise and elegance to them. To learn more about Lillian, please keep reading!

Sigma: What is your favorite beauty tip to share?
Lillian: One of my favorite makeup tips to share is applying a red toned blush (instead of pink) to the apples of the cheeks.  Doing this brings a very natural, youthful, and healthy looking flush of color to the face.  I love that tip because it makes you look as if you are just naturally blushing.

Sigma: What advice do you have for other aspiring beauty bloggers or YouTube gurus?
Lillian: When you're just starting out you should have two things:  Patience and persistence.  If you are consistently putting out great quality videos and posts, the views and subscribers will come.  However, you have to remember that it won't happen overnight!  Make sure that you constantly upload quality videos and let people know about them.  If you are persistent and don't give up, you will eventually reach your goal.  Just don't forget to be patient along the way because overnight success is rare.

Sigma: What Sigma product could you not live without?
Lillian: I could not live without the Sigma F60 Foundation Brush.  I use it every single day to blend out my concealer.  I love the way it easily blends my concealer on larger areas of my face.

Sigma: What do you do when you’re not working on your YouTube channel?
Lillian:  I am currently a junior in college studying performing arts.  When I'm not working on videos, I am in class or doing homework during the week.  Since I am an aspiring actress, I act in student films most weekends.  I also stay busy doing auditions for different films and TV shows.

Sigma: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Lillian: In ten years I see myself with a successful acting career underway, if not already established.  I love acting, but I also really love children and absolutely want to be a mother one day.  With that said, ten years from now I can see myself already having at least one child with plans for more.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Lillian a little better! If you want to see more of her, please visit her YouTube channel here!

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  1. So pretty! Congratulations Lillian!

  2. This is wonderful! Congratulations on all of success, Lillian!!

  3. Wow, a Beauty for sure. Love Lillian's videos too. My favorite tip of hers was to line the inside lash line...I do it every morning!

  4. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing your tips and best of luck on all of your endeavors, Lillian!

  5. She is such a beautiful girl inside and outside. :-) I'm proud to be one of her subscribers!


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