Monday, October 8, 2012

Affiliate Terms to Know

We want to familiarize you with some basic affiliate terminology that you will read throughout the Sigma Affiliate Blog. It’s important for you to understand these terms, as they will appear in many posts, newsletters and websites about affiliate marketing. Keep reading to learn more!

Affiliate: Independent marketer who promotes a business and is paid on a performance basis.

Affiliate Link: A text link embedded with an affiliate’s unique tracking code. Sigma’s affiliate links are in the form of:

Affiliate ID: The number that is at the end of your unique affiliate link.

Affiliate Identifier: The last part of your affiliate link in the form of: ?Click=XXXX

Commission Table: A chart used to display an affiliate’s number of monthly clicks, sales and commissions.

Conversion Rate: The ratio of sales to the total number of clicks received. Learn how to calculate your conversion rate here

Deep-link: A hyperlink that leads to a specific product page instead of the homepage. 

Pay-per-sale: The affiliate marketing method utilized by Sigma. Affiliates receive 10% commission on every completed sale generated by a new customer.

Sub-affiliate: A client who becomes a new affiliate through your affiliated link.

Tax ID: Otherwise known as a Social Security Number (SSN). A Tax ID is needed for US citizens/permanent residents when applying to the Sigma Affiliate Program. 

Terms and Conditions: The rules and regulations that an affiliate must agree to and follow in order join and remain a member of an affiliate program. You can access the Sigma Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions here or at the end of this handbook.

We hope you have found this helpful! We recommend bookmarking this page and using it as a reference guide when reading the Sigma Affiliate Blog or other educational sites. 

What affiliate terms would you add to the list?

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  2. This was really useful! Thank you so much Sigma! You guys have the best affiliate program ever!

    1. Thank you Katherine! We're so happy you found the post to be helpful! :)


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