Friday, October 5, 2012

Sigma Affiliate Program Checklist

We created this checklist to serve as a ‘getting started’ guide for new affiliates. Current affiliates can also use the checklist to make sure they have completed all the necessary steps. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure what to do next, follow this simple checklist and you will be on your way to success. Feel free to print off this checklist to track your progress!

[1]  Read the Terms and Conditions. Find out why this is important here.
[2]  Fill out the Sigma Affiliate Application. It is important to do this fully and correctly.
[3]  Once you have been accepted, send your payment option to
[4]  Log into your account on the Sigma website.
-          Check out the commission table
-          Identify your affiliate link and affiliate ID
-          Find the “generate banners” link
[5]  Upload your affiliate link/banners to social networking sites.
[6]  Do your research!
-          Sigma products
-          Current promotions
-          Discount codes
[7]  Follow and bookmark the Sigma Affiliate Blog.
[8]  Follow @Sigma_Affiliate on Twitter.
[9]  Sign up for the Sigma Affiliate Training Program.
[10]  On a regular basis:
-          Set sales goals
-          Log into your account to track sales
-          Browse the Sigma Affiliate Blog for new tips and strategies
-          Update your blog with new banners as they are released
-          Check the website and read the newsletters for new products and special offers 

Whether you are new to the program, or already an affiliate, have you checked everything off this list?

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