Friday, November 2, 2012

Affiliate Challenge Winner!

We are so proud of all our affiliates who entered this contest. There were so many great entries and we truly appreciate everyone who took the time to create new videos and blog posts. Unfortunately, we can only choose one affiliate to win and the winner of the Fall Lookbook Challenge is…

Kahlia, A Beauty Whisperer, is an Australian beauty guru who not only created a beautiful 1920’s inspired look, but also implemented certain affiliate strategies we love to see!

We noticed many YouTube strategies, which you can read all about here in our YouTube marketing post. The strategies we saw Kahlia implement include: 
  • Verbally mentioning products used, including your Sigma brushes!
  • In addition to verbally mentioning the products, list the specifics in the video description box.
  • Keep the video short and entertaining (Kahlia’s video was less than 5 minutes, but includes all the important details you need to achieve her look AND fun facts about the 1920’s!).
  • Include your affiliate link WITH the monthly discount code
The Look
Kahlia incorporated dark smoky eyes, a bold lip, and bright cheeks into her look. She even pulled her hair into a faux bob to complete the 1920’s look. Check out her tutorial below! 

Again, we want to thank all of our affiliates who entered and also congratulate Kahlia on a job well done! There will be plenty of contests in the future so stay tuned for more chances to win!

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