Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Tiffany D!

Yesterday we introduced you to the new Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D. We recently had the chance to chat with Tiffany and learn more about her new kit. From the initial concept to the launch, keep reading to see the important role Tiffany played in creating the Defining Eyes Kit. 

Sigma: How did you think of the idea for this kit?
Tiffany: It was something I had personally wanted in my makeup collection for years. A kit that really has it all from liner to shadows and could be used to create countless different looks.

Sigma: What were your inspirations for the components and colors?
Tiffany: I started with the idea of having eye liners and eye shadows in one kit. Then I began choosing shades that would all work flawlessly together not just for one type of look, but for several. From super dramatic, to lightly defined.  I chose colors and products that not only create some of my favorite looks that are beautiful, but could also be used for different eye "effects", such as making eyes look larger, more awake, etc.

Sigma: What has been your favorite part of the whole process?
Tiffany: The whole creative process was so fun. The process of getting things "just right" and making sure that the palette came together as I had envisioned. Seeing the finished product was amazing.

Sigma: What was it like meeting so many of your fans at the Mall of America pre-launch event?
Tiffany: SO wonderful!  I obviously get so much happiness from what I do and they are the main reason. I create videos for them and had them all in mind when I created this palette. Seeing them react to it for the first time in person was so amazing. It's my favorite thing ever to interact with my fans and get to talk beauty with them.

Sigma: What is your favorite look to create with the Defining Eyes Kit?
Tiffany: I love using the black gel liner to create a super thick and dramatic winged liner look.

The Defining Eyes Palette is now available on the Sigma website! Get this limited edition palette while supplies last! 

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  1. aww Tiffany is so wonderful! Beautiful palette!

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